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Hi, I'm Shari

I'm an artsy chick, crafty gal, bohemian at heart and all around lover of art. PERIOD.

I "used" to call myself a professional photographer in another lifetime. That's because it was how I made a living for so long (over 30 years now) and what felt like was my most comfortable wheelhouse.

But now, I'm getting older (and not necessarily wiser, lol). I am exploring and breaking the rules of "what I am" and what I do. For instance, I was told by a professor in college that I couldn't paint. So, for a few decades, I avoided any wet media  like the plague.

And then one day I decided to throw off that negative mantle and have fun painting - of all things - from a photo of my beloved dog. And I didn't care how it turned out at all because it was my child and it would be beautiful no matter what. 

So apparently, when it comes to creating art, it's liberating when you stop concerning yourself with what others think. When you create for yourself first, you can do amazing things. That little "pet portrait painted while sipping wine with my staff" night was really cathartic and showed me that I needed to take a step back and reexamine what art was for me. To create for myself first seemed to release me from some pretty old bonds. That aside from a few jewelry pieces here and there and a handful of photos usually taken on vacation, I have been creating only for others for a long, long time. And somewhere along the way, lost the fun. 

Now, I'm on a new journey to create more and more....just for me. But this web site will be a way of also seeing where I came from and how I think and see the world - in a variety of mediums.

I'm not going to limit it to just ONE medium (photography) because that's not all I do and all I love. Hopefully, you'll have fun with me and enjoy what you see. Yes, there will be a lot of photography but I'm excited to share other things with you, my art-loving friends.


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